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The Neuro Cloud™ Survey and Charts is intended for personal use as an Interactional Indicator™ to better understand your own strengths and challenges in the three primary areas of human interaction and communication. While the survey and charts were developed with the neurodiverse and autistic population in mind, we have found the results to be helpful to anyone wanting to better understand their Interactional Alignment™ with others. We have also found the resulting Neuro Cloud™ charts to be very helpful as an Interactional Indicator™ to relate your interaction strengths and challenges to others you deal with often.

Tim Goldstein developed the Neuro Cloud™ model as a way to visualize the strengths and challenges of autistic people like himself and serve as an Interactional Indicator™ to help verify Interactional Alignment™ with a given environment. Tim was diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome in 2015 and immediately made it his special interest. With the focus and determination of an Aspie Tim built an understanding of his experience of life versus that which the autism models suggest. He concluded most have the wrong concept of what of case to case variation among the autistic. The most common concept is the continuum model. It makes sense people reach this conclusion when we consider how we talk about individuals as high or low functioning there by putting ASD on a linear scale. Tim created the concept of an Interactional Indicator™ and Interactional Alignment™ to give the autistic community new ways to discuss and relay the impact of autism on a given individual in a way that reflects the real world variations between any individuals, autistic or not.

The DSM designation as a syndrome is much better, but only if you use the true definition of a syndrome. It is not a continuum but instead : "a group of symptoms which consistently occur together, or a condition characterized by a set of associated symptoms." Tim had come across the concept of Neurodiversity in his reading. The neurodiversity concept perfectly connected the syndrome nature of all humans and clearly put autism in the range of a grouping of normal human traits at abnormal intensities and groupings. What Tim also discovered was no one had a method to clearly illustrate the range of traits and their intensities for an individual. Using his background in data analysis and studying modern visualization methods, he decided the characteristics were best considered in 3 categories Communication, Social, Traits. In each category there are a number of specifics within the domain. Each category is plotted as a radar or sometimes called spider web graph so that each granular characteristic can be evaluates as a strength or challenge.

In developing this Neuro Cloud™ survey Tim found in the true spirit of neurodiversity representing the normal human range, the survey is super useful with all people. When Tim compared his autistic Neuro Cloud™ charts to his neurotypical wife's there was immediate identification of the very different Interactional Indicators™ between them as well as the lack of Interactional Alignment™. While relationships are always hard this identified the causes of many of the challenges they have faced over their decade’s of marriage.

More details about the Interactional Indicator™ and Interactional Alignment™ interpretation of the Neuro Cloud™ will be coming in a new blog post soon, but for now click the button below to start the survey.
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The current version of the Neuro Cloud™ survey is designed for verbal individuals who have at least some working experience.
We plan to be introducing separate edition(s) for school age individuals with questions more appropriate for their life experience.

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NOTICE : The Neuro Cloud™ Survey and Charts are not medical or psychiatric tests or recommendations.
The Neuro Cloud™ Survey is intended as an Interactional Indicator™ and to assist in determining Interactional Alignment™

Data Policy. Other than your entries in the survey, the only other piece of data we collect is the website you came from, but only if it is openly available. We only know who you are through the Secret Code that is displayed when you are initially shown your Neuro Cloud™ result charts. Without that secret code we do not know the survey entries of one person from another giving everyone total anonymity.
If you wish to have your data deleted contact us using the contact form at www.TimGoldstein.com and provide the secret code of the data to be cleared.
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